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College Admissions Counselors

For those seeking college admissions consulting services, it has traditionally been difficult to assess the competency of the firms providing these services. To overcome this issue, our rating system provides a statistical breakdown of the Top 50 firms in the industry, based on scores across seven key areas. Hence, our site offers some context and direction for those looking to take advantage of a college admissions coach. As college admissions consulting is becoming increasingly expensive and competitive, many excellent students are simply left behind, regardless of how gifted they are.

Harvard University accepts around 4% of its applicants. However, this does not mean that 96% of its applicants were sub-par. In fact, many of those refused applicants have stronger resumes than those accepted. The issue is that many of them likely applied for more highly in-demand majors, or lacked a compelling narrative in their essays. They may have simply listed their accomplishments in their essays, instead of a descriptive tale of diversity, making it against all odds narrative, and a strong vision for the future. Thus, this is where a college admissions consultant or college admissions coach can step in. A college admissions coach can offer their college admissions experience, writing and editing skills, and a unique perspective.

Check out our top college admissions consultants below. You can view the rankings of the top 50 admissions consultants and check out their individual pages.

Best College Admissions Consultants 2023

Or, take a look at the top admission consultants for 2022

College Consultants Ranking 1-10


1. Solomon Admissions - Score: 4.79

Solomon Admissions

Solomon is unique because it provides a holistic full service that taps the full potential of applicants. In most organizations, college admissions are viewed as an ending point of a long-standing academic process.

2. InGenius Prep - Score: 4.43

InGenius Prep

InGenius Prep is a New Haven, Connecticut-based college admissions consulting company. It was founded by Joel Butterly, David Mainiero, and Yosepha Greenfield on Yale’s campus in 2013.

3. AcceptU - Score: 4.29


AcceptU states that 90% of its clients are admitted to at least one of their top three choices, and their clients are 4x more likely to be admitted to highly selective colleges and universities, claims similar to many companies in the college admissions industry.

4. Accepted - Score: 4


Accepted promises to let clients benefit from the expertise, experience, and dedication of the Accepted team. They claim to have enabled thousands of students to achieve their academic dreams in their nearly three decades in business

5. CollegeWise - Score: 3.93

College Wise

CollegeWise primarily offers college admissions consulting, test prep, and tutoring services. It offers tutoring services for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, and ISEE/SSAT. CollegeWise allows students to pay as they go on an hourly basis or purchase a bundle of college admissions services.

6. College Transitions - Score: 3.79

College Transition

College Transitions brands itself on developing a quantitative research agenda in higher education, which differs from the majority of academic consultancies.

7. Bright Horizons College Coach - Score: 3.71

Bright Horizons Logo.png

Bright Horizons College Coach is a Newton, Massachusetts- based college consulting firm founded by Stephen Kramer and Michael London in 1998. It has expanded to open branches in 14 U.S. states with offices in many large U.S. metropolitan cities. It offers online college admissions counseling, for those located in other U.S. or global locations where there is no office presence.

8. Empowerly - Score: 3.71

Empowerly, launched in 2018 with CTO Changxiao Xie, presents students with a numerical score evaluating their strength as an applicant, taking grades, test scores, essays, and extracurriculars into account. Empowerly combines automated software with feedback from former admissions officers to give students tips to boost their resumes.

9. Spark Admissions - Score: 3.64

Spark Admissions

Spark Admissions prides itself on a strategic, data-driven approach. They focus on providing skillset development for high school students to improve their resumes through internships, maximize leadership and communication skills, and explore academic and extracurricular opportunities.

10. Quad Education - Score: 3.5

Quad Education is a New York City-based college consulting company. It offers college consulting programs for aspiring college students, starting from Grade 6 to prepare for the college admissions process. Its website indicates admissions outcomes that are significantly higher than the national average.

College Consultants Ranking 11-20


11. PrepScholar Admissions - Score: 3.71

PrepScholar Admissions

PrepScholar Admissions has its roots in test preparation mastery. Its stated goal is to level the playing field in the college admissions process.

12. Moon Prep - Score: 3.43

Moon Prep is comprised of a team of experienced college counselors that guide students through the entire application process. Its main focus is on BS/MD, Medical School, Ivy League, Undergraduate, and Graduate School Admissions.

13. Top Tier Admissions - Score: 3.29

Top Tier Admissions

This organization is unique because it seeks to prepare prospective students for top colleges, through college boot camps, their core competency. 

14. Anna Ivey - Score: 3.29

Anna Ivey Consulting

Ivey Consulting is run by a team of former admissions officers at top U.S. colleges, graduate schools, and law schools. It offers admissions and educational consulting for applicants to selective colleges, law schools, and MPA/MPP programs in the United States.

15. Colledge - Score: 3.21

Colledge offers many of the typical services found in the majority of nationwide college admissions organizations. It works both online and in person, according to the information available. It offers help with major selection, college selection, essay assistance, resume development, college interview preparation, decision support, test prep, and extracurricular activities suggestions.


16. Admissionado - Score: 3.14

Admissionado’s main areas of focus are MBA/Masters Admissions and college admissions (undergraduate and graduate), according to their website.

17. The Princeton Review - Score: 3


The Princeton Review is a massive multinational educational conglomerate that assisted more than 1.6 million students in 2017. It has offices in the majority of US states and maintains offices in 17 countries, primarily wealthy nations in Asia and the Middle East.  In addition to college consulting, its core business is college rankings, advice, applying to college assistance, and financial aid assistance.

18. PrepExpert - Score: 3


PrepExpert offers a wide range of virtual testing courses online, most of which are six-week courses for a fee. Shaan Patel has authored eight #1 best-selling SAT and ACT prep books, garnering him significant publicity and clout.

19. IvySummit - Score: 2.93


IvySummit is a Washington DC-based college consultancy that specializes in acceptance to Ivy League Schools and other highly selective universities in the US, UK, and Canada. The agency works with clients in-person in the Washington DC area and works remotely with other clients from around the world through online interaction.

20. Ivy Ready - Score: 2.86

Ivy Ready.png

Ivy Ready offers personalized college admission coaching by matching prospective applicants with former admission officers. This allows clients to tap into an experienced group of professionals with an experience in top-tier colleges throughout the United States.

College Consultants Ranking 21-30

21. HelloCollege - Score: 2.57


HelloCollege offers many different services to aspiring college students, including the College Essay Bootcamp, the High School Senior Program, and ACT/SAT test prep and tutoring.


22. The College Advisor of NY - Score: 2.57

The College Advisor of New York

The College Advisor of NY provides full-service college counseling for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Generally, they work with students and parents for one to two years to help them gain admission to universities that fit them socially, academically, and financially.

23. Bentham Admissions - Score: 2.57

Bentham Admissions

Bentham Admissions offers undergraduate/graduate transfer consulting, admissions consulting to top U.S. universities, MBA admissions consulting, BS/MD admissions consulting, and other customized services.

24. Ivy Coach - Score: 2.5

Ivy Coach

Though based in New York City, Ivy Coach works completely online with students located around the United States and the globe. They provide admissions consulting services for undergraduate programs, business schools, medical schools, law schools, or any other master or Ph.D. graduate programs.

25. Shemmassian - Score: 2.5

Shemmassian Academic Consulting

Shemmassian Academic Consulting provides support to students starting from the 9th grade to prepare them for the college admissions process and select proper high school courses.

26. Ivy Scholars - Score: 2.43


Ivy Scholars is divided between three physical locations: Houston, New York, and Los Angeles, which provides Ivy Scholars with a presence in three vibrant metropolitan areas with large populations. According to its website, this allows their team to gain intimate experience in particular geographic regions versus running a nationwide consultancy model.

27. Varsity Tutors - Score: 2.43

Varisty Tutors Logo.png

Though Varsity Tutors provides college consulting functions, its core competency is tutoring through the combination of employing highly-credentialed experts with an advanced technology platform. It offers tutoring in more than 3000 fields.

28. S. Montgomery Admissions - Score: 2.43

S. Montgomery Admissions Cosulting

S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting helps 9-12th grade and law school students reach their full potential in the application process. It works with 9th and 10th-grade students on career management, academic and extracurricular planning, summer programming, study skills, and time-management skills.

29. Bay Area College Counseling - Score: 2.29

Bay Area College Consulting seeks to provide clarity to an increasingly fierce college admissions process. It offers resume building, graduate admissions consulting, STEM tutoring, test prep, undergraduate consulting, and other personalized assistance.

DC College Counseling

30. DC College Counseling - Score: 2.29

DC College Counseling is a Northern Virginia-based college consulting firm. It was founded by Colleen Ganjian, a former undergraduate admissions officer and a well-known educational consultant.

College Consultants Ranking 31-40


31. FLEX College Prep - Score: 2.14

Flex College Prep

Because of Flex College Prep’s large size, it offers a wide range of services to clients. For high schoolers, it offers writing courses through its Writing Center, health science courses, math and computer sciences, business and economics courses, research methodology courses, elective courses, and humanities and pre-law courses.

32. Think Prep NY - Score: 2.00

ThinkPrep NY.png

Think Prep NY has been in business for approximately 20 years, with branches in Manhattan, New York and Bayside, Queens. Hence, it conveniently serves four boroughs of New York City - Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island - and New Jersey.

33. Admissions Consultants - Score: 2.00

Admissions Consultants

Admissions Consultants provides admissions consulting services for undergraduate, graduate, business school, medical and law school applicants. It focuses on the nation's top universities.

34. AdmissionSight - Score: 2.00

admissionsight logo.webp

The team at AdmissionSight displays a strong commitment to STEM fields with several consultants who have educations in fields, such as biostatistics, neuroscience, electrical engineering, and computer science.

35. Club Z! Tutoring - Score: 2.00

Club Z Tutoring Logo.png

Club Z! has developed a network of professional college admissions counselors to help students with the entire college admissions process, starting from the test prep process. Its college admission officers will work hand in hand with its professional and trained tutors.

36. Irena Smith Consulting - Score: 1.93

Irena Smith Consulting

Irena Smith Consulting seeks to manage client expectations while making their applications as competitive as possible given the skillsets of each applicant, maximizing each applicant’s potential.

Blue Stars Admissions

37. Blue Stars Admissions - Score: 1.93

Blue Star Admissions Consulting offers several unique programs that set it apart from other admissions consultancies. It focuses on music, the arts, and spurring creativity, which is unique in the industry.

38. Clark College Consulting - Score: 1.86

clark consulting logo.jpg

Clark College Consulting is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based college consulting company. It was founded in 2005 by Ryan Clark, a former US Navy Officer who wanted to advise them on how to make college affordable, productive, and manageable.

39. - Score: 1.79


College Admissions Consulting are trained professionals who have helped hundreds of students navigate the college application process. Though based in Michigan, they work with students across the nation.

40. American College Admissions Consultants - Score: 1.71

American College Admissions Consultants

American College Admissions Consultants is a Holland, Pennsylvania-based college admissions consulting firm. It was founded by Francine E. Block in 1980, who has gained decades of experience in the industry.

College Consultants Ranking 41-50


41. Pittsburgh Prep - Score: 1.71

pittsburgh prep logo.webp

Overall, according to the website, this organization seems to be more heavily focused on academic tutoring and test prep than college consulting. In any case, it offers a full range of services for clients and is a strong player in the Pittsburgh area. 

42. Princeton College Consulting - Score: 1.57

Princeton College Consulting

Princeton College Consulting focuses on athletic recruiting, prep admissions, graduate admissions, and undergraduate admissions.

43. Bound4College - Score: 1.21

BOUND4COLLEGE Logo.png tends to take a different approach to college consulting by focusing on those who have struggled academically due to learning differences, familial issues, psychological issues, or because they are the first-generation immigrants

44. Marilyn Kaufman | College Admissions Consultants - Score: 1.14

College Admission Consultants logo.png

College Admission Consultants offers college consulting, starting from early high school years. They provide consulting to properly pursue a high school curriculum, maximize extracurricular activities and personal talents, prepare for test prep, and engage in sufficient community service.

45. Louis Educational Consulting - Score: 1.14


Louis College Consulting aims to help identify the right academic program and campus environment, develop the strongest application for success, help meet application and test deadlines, assist in editing and writing dynamic essays and personal statements, create effective academic action plans, ensure proper high school curricular choices, and maximize scholarship and financial aid.

46. BrightStory - Score: 1.14

BrightStory logo.png

BrightStory is primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clientele in that area. It offers a personalized and boutique-like experience that fits those needs and has a strong focus on STEM admissions at top-tier colleges.

47. College Admissions Partners - Score: 1.14

College Admissions Partners.png seems to focus on the path of getting into medical school directly from high school. Hence, they tend to focus on the colleges that offer the BS/MD program. They also provide traditional consulting services, such as college selection, financial aid advice, college testing, essay and editing assistance, interview help, doctor shadowing, reviewing acceptances, and other research opportunities.

48. College Admission Central - Score: 1.14

college admission central logo.png

This firm tends to have a different approach to college admissions because it actively supports several technology tools in the admissions process. This runs in complete contrast to the majority of companies in the industry that promote more individualized services for a high retainer.

49. - Score: 1.00

jj-logo.webp, also known as jj College Admission Advising LLC, is a college consulting company based in upstate New York. It was founded by Jona Jacobson. Her goal is to spend time with each student to design an advising program that is best suited to their individual needs.

50. Hamps Champs - Score: 1.00


According to its website, Hamp's Champs' goal is to provide students the guidance, structure, and awareness of opportunities that foster a commitment to excellence, leadership, and passion throughout the high school experience to achieve admission to the ‘best fit’ college/career of choice (and earn a scholarship).

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